Basic Pistol

Basic pistol is approximately two and a half hours covering the basic components of a pistol/revolver, the safe handling of a firearm, how to break down your firearm for cleaning, and maintaining your firearm for proper operation. Cost of the course is $25.

A separate Basic pistol class is available. This class is offered as a private lesson and two hours in duration. The first hour covers firearm safety, the operation of your firearm, and basic shooting fundamentals. The second hour will be spent at the shooting range for live fire practice and evaluation. Students will need to provide their own firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition. If a student does not have a firearm a student may rent a firearm from the shooting range (based on availability). Shooting ranges that rent firearms generally will require you to purchase their ammunition sold at the range. Students will be responsible to pay for the gun range liability waiver. Targets and range fees are included in class cost.

If you are a first time firearm owner or a firearm owner who has not had a lot of experience with your firearm you should take this class. This class will also assist those who are seeking to obtain their Texas License to Carry with the live fire evaluation. Cost of the class is $100. A discounted rate is given for a second person living in the same household.

For more information regarding class times or information please send an email to or call 972-408-1441.


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